Astralwerks and Blue Note Records have teamed up to create something rather interesting. They have created Bluewerks -- a new series of Lo-Fi compilations where downtempo electronica meets jazzy instrumentals. The first compilation Bluewerks, Vol. 1: Up Down Left Right, is out today and is introduced by none other than Pete Tong.

Bluewerks, Vol. 1: Up Down Left Right is something that the lo-fi beats to study girl would crush some work to. With tracks by a mix of different lo-fi producers Zmeyev, Sebastian Kamae, tysu, Saib, G Mills, hiyasu, and Phlocalyst, the compilation hones in on the genre for some really smooth tracks for your long days and nights vibing alone.

Listen to the full project below and get a copy here. There is also a continuous stream, which you can find on YouTube.