The Night League and Music Against Animal Cruelty (M.A.A.C) are joining forces to present a "Wild" charity fundraiser calling ravers to the dancefloor in order to raise awareness towards animal cruelty.

A number of dance music's most sought after artists are locked in to play the event on September 13, taking the club through the early sunset hours into the night in celebration of the animal kingdom

Black Coffee, Art Department, Lauren Lane, Adam Beyer, DJ Sneak. Ida Engberg, Bedouin and more are helming the dancefloor.

All artists are playing for free and the event profits go directly to wildlife conservation projects. Further ambassadors for the M.A.A.C include Apollonia, The Martinez Brothers, Jamie Jones and Nicole Moudaber.

“While the entertainment industry is about fun and enjoyment, I’m very happy to see the community rally for such a serious and worthwhile cause,” said Yann Pissenem, founder & CEO of The Night League.

The way the world is going currently, up to 20 per cent of the world's 15 million species could be extinct in the next 3 years, including rhinos, tigers, elephants amongst many other beautiful creatures. The M.A.A.C hopes to change that.

“This is gonna be a powerful movement when we realize its full potential. We need to be clear that this goes beyond just our community. This isn’t just techno against animal cruelty. This is music against it. This is a global force against treating animals like they have any less right to be here than we do," said Art Department, co-founder of the M.A.A.C.

With a final surprise act yet to be announced until the night, this party is shaping up as essential for dance enthusiasts and animal lovers alike.

Tickets are on sale now, purchase them here.

Black Coffee is headlining a wildlife conservation charity fundraiser at Ushuaïa