Billboard has consistently delivered some of the world’s best news, opinions, events, reviews, clips, and style since its launch in 1894. Today, the company is making headlines for another hot topic: they have booted CEO John Amato out of the company.

The drastic move is not likely shocking to most as he has become embroiled in a scandal for months, resulting in a subsequent and thorough investigation. The entrepreneur had faced several accusations from his newsroom staff for meddling in reporting decisions and censoring stories.

The top Executive took over at the publication’s publisher back in 2014, in which the Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group was keeping things running smoothly.

Speculations began to surface online when Variety reported that the new parent company, Valence Media, had started to break the news to the staff email. The rumors were confirmed when Co-Chief Executive Officers Asif Satchu and Modi Wiczyk delivered their appreciation to their team for their patience and assured them that the business was already searching for Amato’s replacement.

The investigations have been ongoing for quite some time now, but the probe has been reported to have been wrapped up days before the resignation had occurred.