teamed up with Busta Rhymes and Big Ali for the release “Bottles Up” on Restricted Records, a record label launched by R-Wan himself. The French producer has mentioned how working together with Big Ali has strengthened their friendship throughout time. In the past, Busta Rhymes and Big Ali have ran into each other a couple times in clubs, and finally decided to collaborate. Ultimately, both joined forces with R-Wan in order to create this party starter.

The beginning “Bottles Up” kicks f with a very quick rap by Busta Rhymes, and Big Ali winging the listeners in to get their drink on. The bassline speeds up faster than Busta could rhyme while R-Wan works his magic on the chorus. No doubt, when this song will be played at any club, there will be no one left standing around. While “Bottles Up” will be warming up every summer party the year, R-Wan will be included in every party playlist, period.

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