Bicep have released the deluxe version of their sophomore album Isles with three new songs. Their LP was released almost exactly three months and now fans have three new tracks, “Siena” with Clara La San, “Meli (I)” and “Light” to help mark the occasion.

“Siena” was a track that went through a slew of different demo iterations according to Bicep.

“This track took many forms in the demo stage including much more melodic versions and multiple vocal directions. In the end, a much more restrained track felt best, letting Clara's vocals shine,” the pair explain in a press release. “We're both excited to develop this and explore the other versions in our live shows.”

The tracks fit into the mold of the album as mellower songs that would be amplified for big live performances like “Meli (I)” or have more drive more in your face energy like “Light.”

Listen to the deluxe version now and get your copy wherever you do that here.