Welcome to another thatDROP best bass music round up of all the hottest, filthiest new tracks. The month of June has offered up some heat just in time for the summer. We examine new tracks from Bassnectar, Zeds Dead, Excision, Code:Pandorum, Subtronics, and so much more.

6 best bass music singles of June 2020

Atmosphere – godlovesugly (Subtronics & Zeds Dead remix)

We start this round up with not just a new single, but a new remix by not just one, but two of dubstep’s greatet minds – Toronto’s Zeds Dead, and Philadelphia’s favorite cyclops Subtronics. ‘godlovesugly (Subtronics & Zeds Dead remix)’ plays around with what a remix means, taking the original track and deconstructing it into a playground for the artists to explore. This synthesis brought out sounds we’ve never fully heard from either artist. For many, this track is a trip down memory lane, for the listener, a groove that keeps on grooving.

NGHTMRE & Subtronics – Nuclear Bass Face (feat. Boogie T)

This single fires on all cylinders. NGTMRE, Subtronics, and Boogie T come together with a reggae-infused funky dubstep track that calls back to dubstep’s earliest Jamaican incarnation whilst at the same time, keeping the artists’ contemporary groove.

Excision & Downlink – Resistance

It’s been a long time coming – a new collaboration with two of dubstep’s most influential names – Excision and Downlink. This track could not have come at a better time. With the world in turmoil, ‘Resistance’ is a heavy fisted track that combines the artists’ unique sounds. With Excision’s next album in the works, we can’t help but try to imagine what’s next.


Bassnectar – All Colors

Santa Cruz, California-born Bassnectar recently came out with his album “All Colors”. This behemoth of an album pulls all stops, calling on talent from UFO!, Rodney P, Zion I, YOOKiE, and more. Combining the ethereal Bassnectar’s signature sound with YOOKiE’s relentless aggression, ‘Open Your Mind’ takes the listener into a vast soundscape that is dense with clever sound design and intense bass droning. You best listen to this on your car speakers, because you are going to want to sit down and buckle up for this psychological journey.

Riot Ten – Hype or Die: Emergence

Texas-born DJ Riot Ten gave the dubstep community one of it’s anthems via ‘Rail Breaker (ft. Rico Act)‘. “Hype or Die: Emergence” is the latest album from Riot Ten, continuing his legacy of break-neck beats and aggression. The featured track ‘Riot Ten & DirtySnatcha – Bring It Back’ gets weird, like really grimy, breaking it down, flipping it over, and getting greasy. Germophobes beware, because it gets filthy.

Code:Pandorum – Art of the Devil

We round this list out with a new album by Code:Pandorum. The master of deathstep beckons you to explore the inner-machinations of his devious mind. “Art of the Devil” is as chaotic as it is oddly beautiful. Code:Pandorum weaves in melodic dubstep with his signature deathstep sound, and this is apparent in ‘Forgive Us’. This track is largely cathartic and emotional and worth experiencing for yourself.