Working within the depths of world-famous studio complex and cultural institution Funkhaus Berlin - producer and songwriter Liam Mour has been creating some stunning pieces of electronica. Delving through ambient, to pulsating house music and everything in between - his new single "If Only We Had" sees the rising talent take on the realms of lo-fi house. "If Only We Had" is a track that has the credentials to stand up within the youtube rabbit hole of the lo-fi house world, alongside the likes of Ross From Friends, DJ Boring and DJ Seinfeld.

Fresh off the back of his acclaimed Dreaming of A Better Place EP, Mour has returned to his love of pulsating beats, working effortlessly across organic instrumentation and stunning counter-melodies. The track is full of hands in the air euphoric moments and a lo-fi groove.

“The track is about all the good memories of life and the desire to honor and relive these moments," says Liam Mour in a statement.

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