Australian-born, L.A.-based singer/songwriter/producer Benji Lewis recently dropped his bright & summery single “Away” and now two new feel good official remixes have hit the internet by his buddies. The first is courtesy of rising stars and German duo TWO LANES and the second comes from upcoming American producer SPIRIX. Both flips take the song into a different space then it was originally placed in, which is a cool switch up. Lots of energy on these two, dive in now to the two “Away” remixes below for Benji Lewis and check out a quote from him on the process!

“I’ve always had the thought to have some of my songs remixed, but it hadn’t felt like the right time or song to do it for until Away. I wanted to have these remixes range from dance to the harder edm kind of sounds and scene. And I’m excited to say that we got that with these two.” – Benji Lewis