Following the releases of his singles “Free Smoke” and “FAUCET” (Ft. Kimo), emerging producer Benda is back with the full release of his debut Bare Bones EP, out now Thrive Music.

Residing at the intersection of bass and hip hop production, Benda and his Bare Bones EP signify an artist fully in control of his creative flow. “Free Smoke” was one for the fans, a production in which he showcases a deft touch for manipulating aggressive soundscapes into his own style, keying in on the sounds and elements that inspired him to pursue a career as a producer from the start. “Faucet” was a step away from the predominantly electronic productions that have catapulted Benda into the limelight, showing off his acute understanding of hip-hop production techniques and creative versatility. Kimo’s cadence and lyricism are balanced perfectly by Benda’s hard-hitting bassline for a track that’s both club and mainstage ready.

Armed with new music and a fearless outlook on producing a wide range of music, Benda’s time is now. Dig into the full EP below: