The last episode of Smirnoff and Mixmag’s Global Dancefloor documentary series brings viewers to the compact and contrasting city of Beirut in Lebanon to explore the colorful crew who populate the nightlife.

Here we meet Beirut’s dance music mainstay Jade - the founder of the globally recognized club The Basement - who provides insight into how locals are flocking to nightclubs in order to be immersed in the relaxed environment. This is a key part of the scene, as Jade explains: “Inside, the only political party is the dancefloor and the only religion is music.”

Over time, Jade has helped push the scene forward by passing the torch to new, promising performers such as Tala - a young and talented DJ and producer who has made a name for herself in the city. Looking to the future, Jade shares his enthusiasm for the idea that a new generation can drive the dance music scene forward: “It's essential to keep promoting and giving a chance and opportunity to younger talent because they are going to continue that mission.”

Watch Smirnoff and Mixmag’s Global Dancefloor: Lebanon episode below.

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