next product will signal a break from the German audio equipment manufacturer’s series synth clones. Over the past year, the audio company has successively released models various different synthesizers, including Behringer-branded versions the Model D and the Oberheim OB-Xa.

While the production affordable editions top synths has late constituted Behringer’s business model, Behringer is no stranger to the landscape original synth design. The budget entity delivered its own , a competitively priced option at $999.

Behringer’s Neutron synth emerges as Behringer’s newest original endeavor. The Neutron synth arrives in an unmistakable scarlet color, equipped with two oscillator desktops, a 56-point patch bay, and sample/hold, LFO, overdrive/delay capabilities. Behringer has not yet announced the Neutron’s formal release date, nor its price.