This isn’t the first time I’ve written about Emanate. The last time I saw them, they invited me to play their weekly Thursday party at Monarch SF. I can say from experience that they are phenomenal hosts and I’ve had fun every time we’ve been in the same town. The Techno power-couple first began playing together in 2010. Progress was slow and steady at first; then a 2014 pilgrimage to Berlin and the release of a debut album put them on radars worldwide. When I let them know that I was interested in hosting a streaming music service, Emily and Nate generously offered to do an interview and guest set. Turn up the volume, press play, and read away.

OTB: How did you get your start?
Emanate: We have always been musically inclined in our lives growing up playing various instruments. In high school Nathan went to his first rave. He went out the next week, bought turntables and taught himself to play. Emily started by throwing house dance parties in Junior high school. She has thrown parties ever since and was in a few bands before deciding to learn to DJ. Nathan was her teacher ?

OTB: How did you meet?
Emanate: We met at a house party. As we say it was, love at first bite. I was sitting on the couch next to him and impulsively bit him on his shoulder. We started hanging out after that…and haven’t stopped.

OTB: Walk us through your division of labor in the booth. Do you tag or does each of you focus on a particular task?
Emanate: We tag, sometimes we battle. I would say our main focus is to inspire each other and keep a balance stylistically while creating a journey. For short sets or if the party needs an energy boost we B2B. For longer sets we spread it out.

OTB: Who do you look up to?
Emanate: So many. Some of our influences include Guy Gerber, Maceo Plex aka Maetrik, Digweed, Tale of Us, Fur Coat, Guy J, ANNA, Ame but the list is endless really. Most of all though we look up to successful artists and DJ’s we have met who stay humble.

OTB: If you could play any genre of music other than Techno, what would it be?
Emanate:We have through our journey played other genres while finding ourselves. Techno, Deep Tech, Deep House are the variations that speak to us and is where we find our refuge. We don’t foresee this changing.

OTB: Proudest moment in your career?
Emanate: Starting the label, seeing our original production pop-up on DJ charts and DJ mixes, playing a live show in Berlin and spinning Zug Der Liebe (formerly know as the Love Parade) last year was pretty tops.

OTB: Any collaborations in the works?
Emanate: Currently we are strengthening connections here in the Bay to help expand the scene and get some of these talented artists to the next level.

OTB: What do we have to look forward to this year?
Emanate: This year we have a ton of strong releases coming out on Mioli Music. We will be going on a small European tour as well this Summer. We hope to finish our next live show collaboration by Fall. Meanwhile, we will keep the home fires ‘lit’ and keep coming through with fun parties and crew collaborations to keep the community engaged and inspired!

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