You either love him or hate him. Only the Beat sat down with the inventor of “Gorestep” and crude lyricist, Borgore, after his set on the main stage at Spring Awakening Music Festival. Based on his music, ones impression of the native Israeli may be that he objectifies women and flaunts his wealth. After speaking with him, it’s clear that there is way more to Asaf Borger than meets the eye. The most hated man in EDM shares with us what motto he really lives by, and it’s not “F*$k bitches, Get money”.

Only The Beat: Your set was ridiculous. Are you celebrating tonight?

Borgore: Am I? What am I celebrating? There are plenty of days you don’t celebrate like days when someone you love died, right? Don’t celebrate everyday. Today I’m like middle ground. I actually have a new video out today so I’m supposed to celebrate but it’s not about quick meanings. It’s about the long marathon. After I die, after I achieve something, that’s when I’ll celebrate. I’ll celebrate on my death bed. When I know I achieved everything, that’s when I’ll celebrate.

OTB: How can you achieve everything?

B: You can’t. But, when you are about to die and you are like, “OK, I’ve accomplished this, this, this and this, I’ve done this with my music, I’ve done this with my family, I’ve done this as a person,” then it’s time to celebrate. Right now I’m not there, it’s not time to pop the bottles yet.

OTB: You mentioned that you had a music video released today. How does the “100s” video reflect the way you feel about society and fame?

B: I just like to sing about, “Fuck it”, nobody wants you to win but I’m fucking winning.

Borgore – 100s

OTB: You were in the Israel Defense Forces. What unit were you in?

B: I was a trainer. I wasn’t actually fighting. I got shot at left and right my whole fucking life but I never shot at someone back. I was like, “Good morning guys, we’re going for a fucking six-mile run,” and they are like “Yo motherfucker, this is a females job we want to run after a cute chick with a cute ass,” and I’m like “This is who they fucking sent, deal with it. Let’s go.” I’ve been dealing with shit my whole life. I had to make 300 dudes that came back from war go on a six-mile run. They listened to me because I was a nice dude and they knew if they stayed fit this shit might save their lives. There are a lot of stories about people not staying fit and not being able to save their own lives. I mean in war if your not fit, your fucked.

OTB: Did your parents ever think that you were going to go down this path?

B: Four years into my career I’m already a young millionaire but my dad sits down with me at dinner and asks, “When are you going to college, when are you getting a real job?” I tell him that this is my real job. I come from a super Jewish family. I come from a family where you need to be a doctor, lawyer, a fucking pilot or some shit. Although, being a musician is super Jewish. A lot of the best musicians in history were Jewish.

OTB: How does your mom feel about your music? You use a lot of controversial language in your songs.

B: She loves it.

OTB: Is your mom your best friend?

B: Yes. I’ll tell you what, nothing in the world is certain. One thing is 100% though; I came out of my mom. Therefore she is god. She created me. That’s the one thing I’m certain about.

OTB: How do you prepare for a set? Is the preparation for a big festival different than a smaller gathering?

B: There is no way to prepare. There are always things going against what you thought was going to happen. You have to be very dynamic. I have an idea of what I’m going to play. When I’m playing Chicago I know they can tolerate heavy, bass music rather than some places in Europe. But, some places in Europe are going way heavier than anywhere else. You kind of need to know what crowd you are playing for.

OTB: You have a lot of catch phrases in your songs but what’s a motto that you actually live by?

B: I think, therefore I am.

OTB: Where does that come from?

B: Descartes, one of the greatest philosophers in history. He’s French. The fact that you are thinking means that you exist. I don’t know if you are thinking therefore you might not exist. I don’t know if you are thinking, maybe you are just in my head. Maybe you don’t exist. I don’t know if you think. You might be a reflection of my thought.

OTB: Do you believe in different dimensions?

B: I believe in a lot of different things. I think that we have no answers for anything. Someone dropped us on earth like, “Yo, deal with it.” What the fuck is our purpose?

OTB: So, what’s your biggest fear?

B: Not knowing is my biggest fear. I want to know who am I, why am I. What happens when I die? What is the purpose of my life?

OTB: Do you have any crazy things on your bucket list?

B: Not really. Trying to figure life out. I want to join the 1% of people who know what the fuck is going on.

OTB: Do you see yourself working in this industry for the rest of your life?

B: I’m going to make music forever because music is my therapy. You have friends, they come and go. You have relationships, they come and go. One thing that never disappointed me is music. I can always trust that I can go to my piano and play something and it will make me feel something. It never disappointed me. I’m never going to let go of music. I want to die thinking that I know at least something about existence.

OTB: I know that you started off your music career in a death metal band. I noticed that in your set today and in other sets you have played you incorporate that. Is this important to you?

B: I love death metal. I still like it.

OTB: Are there any questions that you wish someone asked you in an interview but nobody ever does?

B: I wish I didn’t have to talk. I read a book that says every person on Earth has an amount of words he says and when he finishes saying all these words he dies. So I’m trying not to talk to much.

OTB: What’s changed about you as a person in the past few years of your career?

B: Nothing has changed me as a person. Nothing will ever change me. Even if I become a fucking billionaire. The one thing I grew up with is that my family comes before everything. When you have something keeping you grounded, you stay grounded. Even if I become a fucking billionaire I will still want to play Counter-Strike with my fans and make music. I’m not going to be a different person. People think that the sound blows out of their asses but we’re all insignificant. We all just don’t matter. If all of us die, do you think that sun is going to move anywhere? It’s going to still be there. The universe is still going to continue being. We won’t matter.

OTB: Have you noticed any talent in the past year that you think is up and coming?

B: So many. He’s basically like my best friend but Getter is blowing up so hard and I’m so happy for him. The whole crew between like Ookay and Marshmello. I grew up with them. I’m just happy for them. I was there for them since the very beginning.

After just playing a set at EDC Las Vegas, Borgore will remain on tour until mid-September. Check out his tour dates and make sure to catch him in a city near you.

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