It’s been more than a year since revealed that he and longtime friend and collaborator would be joining forces for the first time since the early 2000s.

Ripe for a Valentine’s Day release,  has ficially unleashed their warm, dreamy, and otherworldly downtempo project on the masses. It’s an appropriately timed release, too, because it resonates on the vibratory frequencies love, nostalgia, connection, and longing. Best put into words, Naux Faux’s Enchanted album sounds akin to two entities who’ve conjoined their separate physical parts into one whole cosmic being.

The Bay area producer pals have taken their time finishing Enchanted because that’s what art is: precious. While they began five the album’s seven tracks back in 2014, the project has taken a while because they “wanted to be hyper detail-oriented” and make the process “extremely fun,” Bassnectar reveals. He also notes that it’s impossible for him to produce this kind music when he’s knee-deep in the wild style energy summer festival touring.

The album’s meticulous execution shines in its innate ability to transform listeners to a desert scenery, with the morning sun peeking over the mountains after a long night uninhibited shenanigans. From start to finish, the album conveys a sense wonder, bewilderment, and delirious bliss in its sheer capacity to deliver the listener onto various planes  consciousness. What is so apparent with Enchanted is how it was designed precisely for the coveted sunrise sermon slot. The album reveals just how influential Bassnectar and Sayr’s styles are upon one another.