José Padilla, one of the pioneers of the Balearic beat movement and former resident of Café del Mar who launched the venue’s famous mix series, has set up a crowdfund to help financially support himself following a cancer diagnosis and impending operation

The Spanish DJ was recently hospitalised and diagnosed with colon cancer. He is facing financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic and lack of touring income, and is aiming to raise €20,000.

In a statement on GoFundMe, he wrote: “Hola amigos , unfortunately I have some bad news. Some days ago I was taken to hospital and I have been diagnosed with colon cancer and now I am waiting for an operation.

“My situation is very bad , I am completely broken after 5 months with no income whatsoever and no way to pay my rent, so humbly I ask if you can help me with your donations. Thank you.”

Head to the GoFundMe page to donate.

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