Last night, Swedish superstars and 2/3rds of Swedish House Mafia, Axwell & Ingrosso, played a mammoth show at the Brooklyn Mirage in New York City. On a marvelous holiday weekend the place was packed to the gills and to end the special night Axwell shared some pretty big news.

As they were closing down their set Axwell took to the mic and asked if they should cancel their 2019 Swedish House Mafia tour, then said he's not sure we're ready for Swedish House Mafia in 2019. They then went on to pay ‘Save The World' to a roaring crowd.

Watch it live below from 2 different angles and let us know if you think this is true or more hype to fuel the fire!

‘Not sure they are ready for Swedish House Mafia in 2019″ – Axwell