Folks, Axwell // Ingrosso have just dropped the 2018 summer anthem, so get ready. Axwell // Ingrosso's new single “Dancing Alone” dropped today on Astrelwerks featuring the vocals of RØMANS and it's my favorite song by them in a long time.

With some amazing covert art of an early 2000's Paris Hilton looking rave ready, ‘Dancing Alone' offers both a nod to the legacy and a glimpse at the future of electronic music. “Dancing Alone” continues the new trend of big name artists dropping summer time 90's style house tunes.  Building upon RØMANS’ emotive vocals in tandem with a catchy hook, the anthemic track effortlessly dives into a euphoric drop while maintaining Axwell // Ingrosso’s characteristic energy. “Dancing Alone” quickly became a favorite of fans after Axwell // Ingrosso introduced the song into their eclectic live sets, and now fans rejoice as we finally get its official release.

Listen to Axwell // Ingrosso feat. RØMANS – Dancing Alone below, and be ready to hear this song on every radio station for the next 8 weeks.

Axwell // Ingrosso feat. RØMANS – Dancing Alone