Axwell // Ingrosso – Dancing Alone

When they aren’t busy reuniting with Steve Angello at Ultra Music Festival, Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso still have plenty more they’re working on. As the duo Axwell Λ Ingrosso  they are known for producing smash hits. With tracks like ‘More Than You Know‘, ‘This Time’, and ‘Dreamer’, they have quite the extensive repertoire. Together with RØMANS, the two Swedes have done it again. The Swedish Record Producers are easily exceeding expectations with their newest hit ‘Dancing Alone’. 

It should be noted that the duo have not released anything new since February’s ‘Dreamer‘. This track also marks their first release since performing as a part of Swedish House Mafia in March. It goes without saying that ‘Dancing‘ was well worth the wait.

Dancing Alone’ is a bit unlike their previous releases, in that it shys away from their usual anthemic Big Room sound. ‘Dancing Alone’ draws a major influence from what is without a doubt an early 2000’s Rave Sound, as the track opens up, and continues along with some epic Trance Chords. RØMANS’ vocals do a great job of helping the track move along, and accentuate the chorus very well. As with any Axwell Λ Ingrosso production, the record isn’t cut and dry, as it easily blends some Progressive House elements into the mix on the buildup and into drop. With a runtime of 4:13, cooped together with it’s nostalgic vibe, its easy to see ourselves listening to this on repeat. ‘Dancing Alone’ is out now on Astralwerks Records, and can be streamed below.

Axwell Λ Ingrosso – Dancing Alone | DOWNLOAD