On top his seminal work with EDM super-trio , chart-topping solo releases, and continued success with ,  also managed to build-up his very own imprint. For the past 13 years  brought itself to the forefront dance music, with a number major successes on a global scale. Now, the label has reached a catalog milestone with AXT100 — its 100th release.

Speaking the label’s success and longevity, Axwell said, “When I first started Axtone, AXT100 seemed so far away but now that we’re here it feels pretty surreal. I’m proud all that we’ve achieved and the artists we’ve supported over the years. Here’s to 100 more releases hopefully making you feel something!”

Given the honor this special release is London’s , who’s left his mark on the label with releases such as “” and Robbie Rivera collaboration “The Funkatron.”

Although known as a mastermind on the production side, the lyrics for “Come Together” were written by Staar himself, bringing in fellow Englishman Matt Hope for the vocals. The track includes feel-good, progressive synths and light-hearted vocals, guaranteed to give listeners some celebratory vibes.