Autechre has remixed SOPHIE. Yup, the UK legends actually got around to putting this remix of SOPHIE “BIPP” out.

The story of this one goes all the way back 2015. SOPHIE had a no remix policy, unless it was Autechre. The request was put in, but the pair said they couldn’t do it because they were too busy. Fast forward to 2018, SOPHIE’s team tried again, sending along the stems to the entire PRODUCT album, but Autechre’s live commitments at the time got in the way.

Then in mid-2020, an email came from Autechre with the finished remix and a note “sorry this is so late, hope it’s still of some use.”

This is a much less jarring sounding Autechre from their two albums released last year as they adapt to vocals (a rarity in their music), chopping up SOPHIE’s voice at times, while adding stepping drums and even a touch of funk.

The remix is emerging now with another SOPHIE cut “UNISIL” set to be released in two weeks on January 28. “UNISIL” was recorded for PRODUCT but was never given a full release.

Listen to the remix now and get ready for the two-track package on January 28 via Numbers.