In 2013 Au5 and Fractal joined together for two track EP Secret Weapon, and now the duo is back again for two more tracks pushing the boundaries of genres beyond our wildest imagination. “Ison” a massive dubstep track is partnered with “Pavonine” a glitch-hop extraordinaire. Listen below and purchase the two tracks now.

Au5 & Fractal – Ison/Pavonine

“Ison” begins with a soft melody, grabbing our attention from the first second. A melodic riff introduces the track before Au5 & Fractal set fire to the beat with big bass lines and driving synthesizers building up to a monstrous drop proving yet again that dubstep is not dead. Jumping off a cliff might be less of a drop than “Ison,” so heavy bass lovers… you’re going to like this one. Au5 & Fractal keep a fantastic melody throughout the insane drop displaying a master of production not seen in most producers today. This track speaks to my inner bass head, feeding my need for big bass, melodic dubstep and grimy synths all in one piece.

“Pavonine” takes a step into the funky side of things as Au5 & Fractal create a Glitch-Hop track filled with soaring synths, a technical drum beat and a melody perfect for that head-bobbing moment in the day. In what sounds like a page out of a Pretty Lights set, the two producers take their level of production to another level with some heavy bass meshing with the glitch synthesizer sound, sending our ears and minds into ecstasy.

“Dreaming” and “Secret Weapon” continue to find a spot in many playlists of mine but I may have to make room for two more with “Ison” and “Pavonine.” Au5 & Fractal continue to be a shining light on the Monstercat label and producers that can be looked up to for guidance. Both continue to be on the top of their game and when they meet up for collaboration, we know it’s going to be top-notch.

Purchase “Ison” and “Pavonine” now from iTunes, Beatport and Bandcamp and give both Fractal and Au5 a follow on SoundCloud and other socials. Be on the lookout for more tracks from both producers and follow Only The Beat for the latest music news.

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