CloudNone is back on the release radar once again with a new ATTLAS remix of his track ‘From Here’. It directly follows ‘Further’, CloudNone’s collaborative track with Direct released this July, as well as ATTLAS’ remix of Arty and Conrad Sewell’s ‘Kingdom’ from the tail end of the same month. Out now on Monstercat: Instinct, ATTLAS’ remix of CloudNone’s ‘From Here’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

CloudNone’s groundbreaking 2018 hit single ‘From Here’ absolutely took the dance music world by storm two short years ago. The track was officially featured in Vancouver-based imprint Monstercat’s official collaborative compilation album series with the popular online video game Rocket League, and has gone on to garner over 2.5 million combined streams across Spotify and SoundCloud since its initial release. Lightly-played piano chords start off the sultry opus, with a subdued beat following not too far behind. Subtle hints of bass are also audible alongside the resonantly mellow vocal.

Soft, shimmering synths begin the nearly five-and-a-half minute vibrant reinterpretation courtesy of ATTLAS. A pensively emotive tune, the organic sound of his fresh, new take is as ethereally entrancing as it is contemplative. Delivering a stellar masterpiece from start-to-finish, avid Monstercat fans can now revel in the otherworldly sonic greatness that is this long-awaited remix.

Stream ATTLAS' ‘From Here' remix here, or find it below on Spotify.