ÄTNA are Dresden’s best kept experimental secret..

Comprising Inéz and Demian, ÄTNA have been building an international following, notably with their standout performance at SXSW, where their unique blend of music and visually striking videos captured global attention.

The single “Hiatus” is an enchanting journey, characterized by ethereal lyrics and vocals enveloped in electro-warped effects. These elements blend seamlessly with immersive synths and an alt-pop aesthetic. ÄTNA describes “Hiatus” as merging the bright energy of “Summer Jam” with the alluring groove of “Sexual Healing,” offering listeners a momentary escape into a musical paradise.

Contrary to assumptions of a Berlin origin, ÄTNA’s roots in Dresden have allowed them to maintain a distinct and authentic sound. This geographic allegiance contributes to their unique identity, diverging from mainstream trends with a sophisticated and artful approach. Their previous works, “Made By Desire” and “Push Life,” marked a departure from conventional German pop, showcasing their innovative flair. They’ve also collaborated with global dance music icon Solomun

As ÄTNA gears up for their upcoming album release this autumn, “Hiatus” serves as a promising prelude to yet another dynamic and boundary-pushing project. Their collaborations with renowned artists and orchestras further highlight their versatility and commitment to creative exploration, ensuring their continued rise on the international stage.

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