One of the top Drum & Bass producers, Netsky (Boris Daenen) made his name producing deep, smoothly rolling Drum & Bass tracks in the liquid funk style before achieving chart success in Europe and the U.K. with his increasingly pop-minded singles and full-lengths.

Taking his stage name from a computer worm that affected Microsoft Windows operating systems, Netsky has been one of the most successful Drum and bass artists to date. He has been tapped by the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Miiike Snow, Jessie J, and plenty of others for official remixes. He’s collaborated with respected peers and hitmakers such as Becky Hill, Hybrid Minds, Rudimental, Aloe Blacc, and countless others for songs that have become staples of the genre.

In this article, we have hand-picked ten artists who share a similar sound and artistic vision with Netsky. These artists, ranging from veterans like BCee and Flava D to newer buzzing talents like Bru-C and Charlotte Haining, all exhibit a commitment to producing soulful, fresh, and vitalizing music that will stand the test of time.

Our Handpicked List Of Artists Who Sound Like Netsky


A veteran of the Drum and bass scene with a career spanning 23 years and 100M+ streams across his catalogue, BCee’s music is characterized by its soulful, uplifting melodies and compelling grooves. In 2012, BCee’s imprint, Spearhead Records, was actually home to early Netsky music.

BCee’s ability to blend emotive vocals with intricate production has made him a beloved figure in the genre. Recent singles like “Gamble” as well as his remix for Charlotte Haining’s “Young” showcase his signature sound that aligns closely with Netsky’s ability to blend pop tinged vocals within Drum & Bass. 

Flava D

Flava D is one of the British dance music scene’s most versatile producers and DJs, effortlessly switching between styles such as grime, bassline house, U.K. garage, and Drum & Bass. Similar to Netsky, her tracks have a knack for hooking listeners during the introduction and buildup, then taking them to new heights with creative, forward-thinking drops.

Infused with energy and melodic hooks, songs like “Snakebite” and her remix of Paige Eliza’s “Miss Dopamine” showcase her ability to create catchy, dancefloor-ready tunes that resonate with Netsky’s creative approach.

High Contrast

Lincoln Barrett aka High Contrast is an electronic musician, producer, DJ, Grammy nominee. Much like Netsky, he’s been a in-demand remixer for everyone from White Stripes to Kanye West, Coldplay to Calvin Harris. The Welsh-born bespectacled polymath has been a key player on the Drum & Bass scene for many years but as long ago as 2012 proved himself to be a musician with a wider ambit when he curated music for the Olympic opening ceremony. 

Netsky event noted High Contrast as an early inspiration. With hits like “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and his remix of Amber Mark’s “Foreign Things,” High Contrast continues to push the boundaries of the genre while maintaining a sound that is both innovative and accessible.


A painter, multi-instrumentalist, singer, writer, producer and DJ, Belfast-born Dominick Marti, also known as Calibre, has spent the last 30 years simply creating. Calibre’s music is synonymous with quality and consistency. 

Similar to some of Netsky’s deeper cuts, his productions are often minimalistic yet deeply emotive, featuring warm basslines and subtle melodies. Tracks like “Salsoul” and his remix to Alix Perez’s “Forsaken” are perfect examples of his ability to craft timeless Drum & Bass that echoes Netsky’s contributions.


LSB is known for his smooth, atmospheric productions that evoke a sense of nostalgia and introspection. Similar to Netsky, LSB has a keen ability to blend emotive melodies with intricate drum patterns, creating tracks that are both deeply personal and universally appealing.

His collaborations with vocalists like DRS with “Missing You” and “The View” have resulted in some of the most heartfelt and iconic tracks in the genre. Both artists share a commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre, continually evolving their sound while maintaining a strong connection to its roots.


Koven, the dynamic duo of producer Max Rowat and vocalist Katie Boyle, bring a unique blend of cinematic Drum & Bass and powerful vocals to the table. Their tracks like “Say What You Want” and their collaboration with Delta Heavy on “Feel” are filled with energy and emotion, making them a perfect match for Netsky’s high energy hits. 

Like Netsky, Koven excels in creating tracks that are both anthemic and emotionally resonant.


Bru-C is a buzzing talent in the Drum & Bass scene, known for his energetic performances and catchy pop and hip hop vocals. His tracks often feature lively beats and memorable hooks, making him a favorite among younger audiences. Songs like “Freedom” and “Mesmerized” highlight his ability to craft infectious, danceable tunes that align with Netsky’s vibe. 

Similar to Netsky, his collaborations with other artists in the scene reflect a shared ethos of community and innovation, continually pushing the genre forward.

Charlotte Haining

Charlotte Haining’s soulful voice has graced numerous Drum & Bass tracks. Her work with artists like Hybrid Minds and BCee has resulted in some of the most beautiful tracks in the genre. Like Netsky, Charlotte Haining has an innate a knack for crafting songs that appeal to a wide audience, balancing mainstream appeal with genre integrity.  

Her vocal versatility and ability to enhance the emotional impact of a track make her a perfect complement to the rich, melodic soundscapes that characterize Netsky’s music. “Therapy” and “Before You” are just a few examples of her ability to deliver heartfelt performances that have attributed to her global stardom. 


Since their emergence in 2006, SpectraSoul have carved a truly unique position, not only in Drum & Bass but in electronic music as a whole. Like Netsky, SpectraSoul are known for their meticulous production quality, creating tracks that are both sonically rich and emotionally engaging. 

Their ability to blend intricate, deep basslines with lush melodies and vocal elements mirrors Netsky’s approach to crafting immersive, melodic Drum & Bass. Tracks like “The Need” and “Fiction” showcase their versatility and innovation, much like Netsky’s ability to push the boundaries of the genre while maintaining a broad appeal.


One of Drum & Bass’s hottest talents, nothing is off limits when Lens is on the decks. Her reputation for wild double drops and imaginative, eclectic selections proves beyond all doubt that the heat around her name is well-deserved. 

Like Netsky, Lens has a knack for creating high-energy, crowd-pleasing tracks. Songs like “Feels Like” and “My Time” showcase her ability to seamlessly blend different styles and influences, such as liquid and jungle, mirroring Netsky’s versatility. Lens’s tracks often feature catchy melodies and powerful drops, capturing the same euphoric energy that characterizes much of Netsky’s music.

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