It’s even easier to stay updated with your favorite musicians, because they now have the power to post directly to the front page  Google’s search results!

This new concept is made possible through Google Posts, a way for artists to streamline the way they update fans with music, tour dates and other information. Text, images, videos, and gifs are all fair game so the possibilities are endless.

As with most social media, a blue checkmark will indicate when updates are coming straight from the verified source. Lucky for us, the initial rollout includes musicians in the pop and electronic dance music genres — and artists like Steve Aoki, Lorde, Si Tukker and Kygo have already been verified.

See below for an example, as Kygo shares a blurb about his new album Kids In Love and his accompanying tour.

Finally, artists have a say in what Google says about them!

Artists Finally Have A Say In What Google Says About Them