This week, we’re spotlighting Atrym, an artist who has been making waves in the electronic music scene since beginning his journey in 2018. Known for blending traditional melodic house elements with innovative atmospherics, Atrym has carved out a unique space in the industry and he’s only just now getting started. His latest release, “Enemy,” which recently dropped on our record label Magnetic Magazine Recordings, showcases his evolving artistry and knack for creating tracks that resonate deeply with listeners.

Atrym started his project by exploring various sounds while focusing on energy and emotion. His tracks typically feature classic melodic house components such as plucks, arpeggios, chords, and a steady four-on-the-floor beat. However, each track brings a different feel, reflecting his experimental approach. Enemy” is a testament to this, as it takes a lighter, uplifting direction compared to his upcoming releases, which promise to be darker and deeper, pushing more toward club music.

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Artistic Growth and Evolution

Atrym’s journey as an artist has been marked by significant growth. Initially unsure of his sound, he has developed a clear artistic vision. “Enemy” began as an atmospheric piece built around a vocal sample and guitar, showcasing a technique he admires in artists like Ocula, Lane 8, and Rufus Du Sol. This method has helped him craft tracks that evoke specific feelings and leave a lasting impression on listeners.

One of the challenges Atrym faces is balancing his artistic vision with broader audience appeal. He strives to create familiar yet distinct music, avoiding being pigeonholed into a specific genre. He aims to build a loyal fanbase by combining familiar elements in new ways like a chef experimenting with ingredients to create unique dishes. This approach allows him to stay true to his style while attracting a wider audience.

Atrym’s creative process is disciplined and structured. He avoids alcohol while writing music, works in 90-minute increments to maintain flow, and ensures he has a basic arrangement before leaving his digital audio workstation. These routines help him stay productive and focused, allowing him to sort out the best ideas from the numerous loops he creates.

Looking ahead, Atrym plans to release several more singles, leading up to an EP expected by mid-summer or late in the season. His fans can look forward to a series of new tracks that continue to push the boundaries of his sound while staying true to the emotional and energetic core that defines his music.

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