This mornin World Club Dome, in partnership with BigCityBeats, launched a flight from Fraport—Frankfurt Airport into the German sky's that would deliver the first ever Zero Gravity club. The event took place on a converted A310 aircraft which was used by the European Space Agency (ESA) for astronaut training flights. The flight lasted a total 90 minues, with headliners set to be Armin Van Buuren, Steve Aoki and W&W ripping the decks in the most insane party experience known to man. Attendees and DJ’s floated together in weightlessness—an experience usually reserved for astronauts.

Unfortunately, prior to flight's departure Armin took to socials to advise that he would need to cancel his appearance do to the flu, which is spreading like wildfire across Holland.

The flight live streamed on WORLD CLUB DOME's Facebook page and looked friggin insane. While it is a shame that one the world's most prominent DJ/Producers could not make it, we wish him a speedy recovery and know that this event was still a smash hit for all that attended. Even though it is said about 60% people that do Zero Gravity get sick in flight. No news has broken illness's on the flight.

As we wait patiently for the footage to surface the event (since it aired at 6am est and many us missed it) we wish Armin a speedy recovery.

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