Armin van Buuren is a busy man. Not only does the Armada label boss have his hands full running a truly massive imprint, but he is constantly redefining both the trance and trance-house genres, even after several decades in the game.

In his latest project, a collaborative EP with Shapov, called ‘Trilogy, van Buuren showcases all that is right with the new school of Trance. While in recent years Armin has experimented with incorporating many different elements into his signature sound, ‘Trilogy' is a return to the promise land for many fans.

The three track EP is full of high BPM trance tracks that will make even the most jaded of old school fans beam with delight. All in all, ‘Trilogy' is just what the trance scene needs right now – a reminder that Armin has the entire situation thoroughly under control when it comes to innovation. Take a listen to this brilliant effort below.