Aquarian is releasing his debut full-length 'The Snake That Eats Itself' Bedouin Records on February 14 next year.

It marks his first solo outing since the ‘Quiet Time’ mixtape in 2016, and also follows on from two collaborative EPs released alongside Deapmash as AQXDM on Bedouin and Houndstooth which have been a fixture of Aphex Twin sets.

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Across 10 tracks, the album explores a range of hybrid sounds, spanning sinister, industrial soundscapes, thrashing techno packed full of pacey percussion, leftfield ambient, and more.

The art direction was overseen by Sougwen Chung, who has also worked with Aquarian on a live A/V show.

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Pre-order the record here.

Listen 'Hate Is a Strong Word (Part 1)’ and check out the tracklist below.

1. End Credits
2. Blood Sugar
3. Sketch 2 (Song for D.O.U.G.)
4. Ouroboros
5. Tarp2
6. New York, An Eternity
7. Hate Is A Strong Word (Part 1)
8. Hate is A Strong Word (Bruxist Part 2)
9. Letting Go At Arm's Length
10. 365 Days And Counting

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