Three of bass music's powerhouses link up today with an unexpected – but very welcome – new collaboration, ‘Warning'. Dropping on NSD's Black Label, ‘Warning' is the brainchild of renowned bass music producers Antiserum and Definitive, blended expertly with the masterful flow of lyrical duo Virus Syndicate. With the weekend slowly creeping in to sight, these guys have delivered a mid-week smasher that'll perk up even the groggiest of Wednesdays.

Diving straight in to the action with energetic stabs, ‘Warning' flaunts a ‘UK grime' vibe from the get-go, as the beat crashes and thumps around Virus Syndicate's effortless vocals. Rising in to an ominous build, the track flips sharply into a shuddering dubstep bassline as siren-like riffs pierce the eerie soundscape. Flaunting a unique blend of styles and some top-notch sound design, this is the three-way collaboration we never knew we needed so badly.

Check out ‘Warning' below and grab a copy HERE.