The man from Moldova, Andrew Rayel, has been a fixture on the Trance scene for years now. Wrapping up an insane 2017, Andrew graced us with the banger “Horizon” featuring Lola Blanc to kick f his 2018. The captivated the Trance world immediately. There is no telling what you are going to get at his live shows either. On the “Moments Tour” last year, he took on the globe with his sensational vibes and delivered one the best albums in Electronic Music 2017. Not to mention he brought David Gravell to grace the stage for many said shows. A Trance phenomenon himself, David Gravell has hit the soundwaves hard with his unique sound, delivering masterful trance live sets. Now, in March 2018, the two have been taking to Social Media teasing a collaboration that has us all grinding our teeth in hunger for the release “Trance Reborn”.

This track is sure to be a hit. With recent productions Addicted to, Lighthouse, Children, Energy, Tacadum, Once in a Lifetime Love and Winterburn under their belts, we can expect “Trance Reborn” to live up to its title. With expectations this track delivering on its promise, the rebirth trance is upon us and y'all need to take notice! The track can be found on Andrew's “Find Your Harmony” Radio show (pasted for your convenience below). Im a sucker for Trance so I went ahead and listened to the whole episode, making my first time hearing “Trance Reborn” that much more memorable. The track is loaded with powerhouse sounds and Big-Room elements that drives me f the walls in eargasms. Even Porter Robison has been experimenting with this type sound in his latest Virtual Self releases.

Peep the latest episode “Find Your Harmony” to bless your ears with “Trance Reborn”.
Andrew Rayel “Find Your Harmony” Radioshow 095

Additionally, Andrew Rayel has announced the FIRST EVER Find Your Harmony Live show in this episode to take place in his home country Moldova. In his words “VERY EXCITING, Enjoy the show”. At minute mark 30:50 (listen to the whole this its loaded with bangers) you will find the introduction to “Trance Reborn”. Rayel says:

“It's time for the first “Big News” guys. The WORLD PREMIER the “Find Your Harmony” Radio Show Episode #100 Anthem. Some you may have heard it in my sets already and we worked really hard on it and I am proud to announce Andrew Rayel and David Gravell “Trance Reborn”.

01. Dash Berlin & DBSTF feat. Josie Nelson – Save Myself (Club Mix) Armada Music]
02. Vigel – Echoes Armada Trice]
03. Daun Giventi, Aressa, Erika K – Empyrean Enhanced Progressive]
04. Theoh & Julie Thompson – How It Feels AVA]
05. Harry Square – Bedlam Interstate]
06. Mark Sixma & Husman – Prime inHarmony Music]
07. Eximinds – Renaissance Interplay]
08. Susana & Neev Kennedy – The Promise (Bobina Remix) Amsterdam Trance]
09. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal – The Only Road (Cosmic Gate Remix) Anjunabeats]
10. Andrew Rayel – Let It Be Forever (Andrew Rayel & DRYM Remix) Free Download]
11. Nifra & Anske – Powerball Coldharbour]
12. Protoculture – Valley the Red Gods A State Of Trance]

13. Andrew Rayel & David Gravell – Trance ReBorn inHarmony Music]

14. Michael Milov – Tribute Trancemission]
15. Steve Allen & UDM Pres. Nightflyers – Dopamine Grotesque]
16. Simon Patterson feat. Lucy Pullin – Fall For You Armind]

17. ID – ID CDR]

18. Andres Sanchez & Rydex – Chance Encounter Flashover Trance]
19. Ahmed Romel & Allen Watts – Typhoon FSOE]
20. Rene Ablaze & Mhammed El Alami – Stardust Flashover Trance]
21. Heatbeat – Bondi (Evan Pearce Remix) AERYS]
22. Aelyn – Water & Fire (Elite Electronic Remix) Suanda]
23. Aly & Fila with Sue McLaren – Surrender FSOE]

24. Cosmic Gate – Back To Earth (Jochen Miller Remix) Black Hole]