With only 11 days until the heavenly at Sunshine Grove in Florida, we have created an instruction manual for you all to read before you enter the portal. First and foremost, nothing gets you more prepared than watching last year’s recap video, full of those festy feels.

Explore the Be, Here, Now, Beach & Jungle stages as you start to truly envision yourself in the portal.

The is out and with a lineup like pulled for this year, you should start planning your days around your must see sets. We don’t want to hear people crying because they missed ‘s sunset set, or what have you.

Some highlights include a Full Moon Party with Thriftworks b2b Opiuo b2b Bassnectar and much much more.

For instance, make sure to be prepared for  on Sunday, the largest sound meditation ever at a music festival mainstage – featuring collaborative performances by ‘s Sarah Neufeld, ‘ Taylor Rice and Kelcey Ayer, ‘s Sophie Hawley-Weld and over 20 students from the Frost School of Music Choir.

Lose yourself nestled in the heart of a subtropical forest, at the root of the portal’s spiral spin, where frequencies and sounds erupt from the earth.

Don’t miss out on visiting the , the land of lands, curated to feed the soul; inspire creativity, community, and connectedness; and awaken the festival goers’ inner weird…

Also, you must find time to experience, Yogachobee, an integral part of Okeechobee.

For those of us who like to burn both ends of the candle, you will be pleased to hear that will be present. The kind-hearted, fire-worshipers will be hosting a stage and entertaining Space Cadets with intense flames and hardy jokes on the beach late night. Make sure to stop by to say what’s up to Cory Gleen. Along with Incendia, there will be a ton of other art installations to experience.

Now for the final instructions before entering the portal.

Download the , so you can be reminded of all your plans and stay in tune with any surprise announcements… Also, before you show up to the festival grounds, Wifi may be slim with all the people in the area. Finally, check out our article and listen to our custom playlist based around our must see sets.

if you haven’t already… Stay in the loop with other last minute announcements through Okeechobee’s social media handles linked below. Oh, we cannot wait to see your beautiful faces there.