Global cinematic pop artist Amirah recently released a powerful lyric video perfectly illustrating her new song “Tell Me.” A call for peace, tolerance and unity, “Tell Me” is epic in all possible ways. Although many artists have released songs about the crucial need for peace in the world in the past, Amirah’s way of doing it is unique and different from anything we’ve seen before. 

The most innovative aspect of “Tell Me” is her blend of traditional instruments such as the Gamelan, tanpura or tabla with modern pop, giving the song itself an International reach and relatability. More than a style, it is the very essence of her music that bridges gaps between people, traditions and cultures, enriched with every sonic gem she has found along her path. She has been working with Grammy award-winning producer Jeff Bova for “Tell Me” as well as on her upcoming debut album scheduled for release in 2021.

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