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Ambient Meditations Season 2 - Vol 42 - Lycoriscoris

We are back this week with a beautiful mix from Japanese artist Lycoriscoris, also known as Yunosuke Senoo. His mix for AM weaves between classical, ethereal, and electronic to create the perfect balance of quiet bliss and serenity effortlessly. If you are in the mood for some feels, take this mix on a walk through some trees - aka Forest Bathing, and you will immediately be uplifted into the world of Lycoriscoris. His new album Chiyu is out now on Anjunadeep and brings the same emotional sensibilities with subtle driving beats, the perfect companion for this mix. So we suggest a doubleheader. Pair this with some junmai ginjo sake, and drift away.

Ambient Meditation's Track Listing: Yunosuke Senoo aka Lycorisoris

1. Songbird

I chose an emotional and beautiful piece of music, inspired by a journey that can dissolve into the night world. This song is played softly with beautiful strings, and I thought it represented a calm, quiet world where nothing has started yet.

2. Illusion of Time (Teodor Wolgers Rework)

I love this song and the original. It's a song that gives a truly illusional view.

3. Auberge

The hammering of the prepared piano and the arpeggios of the synthesizer make this a beautiful song that will enhance the journey ahead.

4. Kapitel 9

The set gradually moves from a classical piece to an electronic expression. I thought that this piece, with its arpeggios and sequences on the piano and pads on the synthesizer, would take us into a more emotional world.

5. Love

Can there be a more emotional form of love than this? I have chosen this song for the beginning of a deeper and more emotional journey.

6. The Inner Shore

The shore is a metaphor for the atmosphere of a place we are going to go away from, and to which we cannot return.

7. The Rocket Builder (Io Pan!)

For me, this song evokes images of a very distant land.

8. Angel's Flight

A melody so beautiful. This song will take you to further another world.

9. Into The Dark Blue

Too gentle arpeggios and synthesizers. A resting place in this deep world.

10. Passing Through Darkness (Nokton1-2)

In the dark, we are indeed moving into a new phase, beyond the various particles.

11. Cairn VI. (feat. Marta Salogni)

The rough texture is pleasing to the ear. Here is a singularity.

12. Planet Hearth

It reminds us of the past. The gentle song seems to forgive all.

13. Stasis Sounds for Long-Distance Space Travel (Stage 2)

Further into the abyss. A song that seems to melt into a part of nature.

14. The Word Love

This mix of mine ends with us emerging just a little bit.

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More about Lycoriscoris:

Japanese artist Yunosuke Senoo, aka Lycoriscoris has released his album Chiyu.

In recent years, Senoo has built a cult following as part of a new wave of Japanese producers. His signature blend of organic melodies with intricate sound design has won him support from the likes of DJ Koze, Michael Mayer, &ME, and BBC Radio 1's Phil Taggart. A multi-instrumentalist, Senoo has played live alongside the likes of The Field and Moritz Von Oswald at venues including Tokyo's legendary Dommune.

Composed throughout 2020, Chiyu documents Senoo's journey of reflection and recovery.

"Memories and retrospection are the fundamental concepts that inspire my music. For instance, my own artist's name plays on the name of the Lycoris flower. In Japan, it's often found near cemeteries, which is, of course, a dark connotation - however, one day when searching in the Language of Flowers (Floriography) I discovered that the word Lycoris also means 'I'm looking forward to seeing you again.' I realized how this dark flower also hides a beautiful and positive message. I think my music, and my new album Chiyu, has the same kind of dualism as the Lycoris flower."

With influences ranging from Boards of Canada and Christian Löffler, Senoo showcases his delicate production style over the 9 tracks of Chiyu. From the intertwining melodies in "Shizumu" to the polyrhythmic textures of "Utsurou," Seeno combines dreamy soundscapes with modern electronica. A skilled photographer, Senoo also provides the imagery for the album artwork shot in his native, Japan.

Senoo's new album follows the release of his acclaimed LP 'Flight', released on Anjunadeep in 2018. Positioning in the top 5 Electronic albums on iTunes, "Flight" gained support on tastemaker stations including BBC Radio 1, KEXP, and NTS Radio as well as international press support.

Chiyu is available now via Anjunadeep.