AlunaGeorge singer Aluna Francis has posted about her experiences of racism in the music industry on Instagram.

She spoke about how white producers and record executives use her for her voice but do not pay her the respect a collaborator and artist deserves.

In the caption she wrote: “I buy my own plaques for the platinum records I’ve written and recorded on because the record labels just see me as a garnish to their prized producer superstars unworthy of being honored for my contribution. Instead they presented me with a black square.”

In the post she wrote: “Deep down I know dance music isn’t white music - it’s black music that has been white washed for so long that we forgot.

“Over the years I’ve accepted my role as the black accessory to white peoples dance music, internally bowing and scraping for these opportunities with no acknowledgement for my contribution because I’m just used to it. I would stand on huge stages singing to thousands of white people, bringing soul, meaning and magic while feeling like an alien."

Francis called for the same industry support given to the white artists she's collaborated with to be given to her new solo project, writing: “I’m changing that now with this solo project and I want the same people in the music industry who supported the artists I leant my voice to to step up and support me as a black woman at the cutting edge of dance music.”

Francis also spoke about the white producer who ually assaulted her, asking the white men who have “benefitted from my voice while acting like you’re doing me a favor” to affirm they would support her vocally and financially if she named the man who assaulted her and took him to court.

See the full post below.

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