Over the past few years, Alison Wonderland has become a queen on the EDM scene. Planning to posieden the sea's on Holy Ship! this weekend, Alison took to twitter to let fans know that due to person reasons she will not be attending. In times like this, we cross our fingers and pray that all is okay. I am not going to sit here and spit fire different reasons for her cancelation but rather hope that all is good in Wonderland. Seeing her tweet and understanding how much this festival means to her, please live up to her wishes and send her as many vids as possible.

Having been f*cked up on a spiritual level several times, I know what its like to witness one Alison's sets first hand and I feel for those that were looking forward to being part her mad sets this weekend. We hope all is okay and that Alison can return to the stage as soon as possible but mainly that all is okay.

Whatever is going on, Alison, know we all love ya and hope all is okay!