An Alien: Isolation player has made a mod that turns the Xenomorph into Thomas The Tank Engine in time for Halloween.

Available through ModDB and Nexus Mods, modder Matt Filer showed off how Thomas will stalk the player throughout Alien: Isolation in a video posted to X (fka Twitter). Check it out below:

“It had to happen sooner or later… Thomas The Tank Engine has arrived aboard Sevastopol Station!” said Filer of the thought process that brought the beloved children’s television show character to the horror game.

To the uninitiated, Thomas The Tank Engine might be a curious choice, however these mods have been spotted in Elden Ring, Fallout 4, Resident Evil, Starfield and more.

It originated with The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim with a viral clip of the train landing on the tower at the start of the game and bellowing out a dragon roar.

Kevin Brock, who was the mind behind the crossover, explained that it was “the funniest thing” he could come up with when his friend gave him a few Thomas models from another game.

‘Alien: Isolation’ Credit: Sega

With Filer’s mod, Alien: Isolation is added into the long history of the trend, and as aforementioned, it’s available for PC players now.

“I’ve never been so unwillingly immersed in a game before, and I never want to be again,” said Andy Brown of the immersion that Alien: Isolation creates with the artificial intelligence that directs the alien.

“I’ve had my fair share of scares over the last month, but they paled in comparison to Isolation’s Xenomorph, which made me feel like I was in genuine danger,” he continued. “Although the Alien fan in me wanted to see more, I couldn’t bear another second in Sevastopol.”

In other gaming news, voting is now open for the The Golden Joystick Awards categories Ultimate Game Of The Year, Best Lead Performer and Best Supporting Performer.

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