UK-based neo-classical and electronic producer Tom Ashbrook drops an incredible piece of work in the form of his new album Solitudes. Even by Ashbrook’s incredibly high standards, the album is a powerful piece of work, full of emotional moments and evocative crescendos throughout. The album is released as a combination of two EP’s, showcasing the lighter and darker side of Ashbrook’s songwriting.

Solitudes is my personal documentation of lockdown, capturing the highs and lows of such an unbelievable year," explains Ashbrook. "I wanted to record the intense feeling of isolation and coping with your own thoughts for an never-ending length of time, only for it to be overturned by an immense release of hope, freedom and human re-connection."

Classically trained on piano from a young age, you can hear Ashbrook’s pure songwriting and orchestral routes throughout the piece. The three different versions of Solitude showcase his subtle piano skills and ability to craft emotion with minimal production. There’s a foreboding feel to some of the earlier tracks, with "Seance" and "Start Again" perhaps best reflecting the isolation of the lockdown experience. Throughout the project we feel a surge in emotion and an uplifting crescendo, evoking hope for the future. The project finishes with the orchestral-electronic anthem "We Begin," utilizing electronic elements to resolve the project with a feeling of a brighter future.

"Solitudes is my journal, with each entry defining a different emotion along the way. I got to collaborate with some amazingly talented friends on this album, despite not always being in the same room, which is incredible to think how connected we are even in such times," says Ashbrook. My friends and family have helped me so much and I want to thank you for all your support and optimism on this incredible ride.” 

Pick up your copy of the album here and listen now. 

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