English musician SG Lewis’ musical background blends a broad spectrum of music. He started playing in bands as a teen, before experimenting with electronic music. He cut his cloth as a resident DJ at Chibuku in Liverpool, before starting to put out his own music that managed to combine these two worlds rather seamlessly.

He always had an eye for remixes, reworking the likes of Flume, Jessie Ware and Disclosure, but it was collaborating with singers and producing originals that his music took the next step. Always an element of soul and funk ran as an undercurrent through his music, working with the likes of Gallant, Bishop Nehru, Clairo & Zak Abel. These have percolated out over the past seven years in forms of singles and EPs. Now he is ready with his debut artist album, times, which is out today.

The first thing to know to about this album is that it is from a different time and for a different time. Indebted to the 70’s and 80’s, it a call back to those eras, while adding a future nostalgia twist to them. With major label backing, he has some big name features like Robyn, Rhye, Channel Tres, Lucky Daye and the disco god himself, Nile Rodgers.

That combo comes together on the absolute banger “One More” where Rodgers’ guitar is the cherry on top of a sugary poolside jam. It sits alongside other poolside, dancefloor jams like “Time” with Rhye and its swelling strings, the funky bassline on “Back To Earth” and “Chemicals” that has been getting rinsed out for almost a year now.

“Heartbreak On The Dancefloor” brings down the energy with a combination that has a bit of little 80’s prom and H&M checkout line feel to it. The super collaboration with Robyn and Channel Tres “Impact” combines all of their talents in a magical way, built for a carefree summer. “All We Have" is the sort of long, melodic and soothing track that fits with what Lastlings did on their own debut album back in November. After that one last dance with SG Lewis and Lastlings, we are allowed one slow walk out the door with the album finale “Fall” about a lost love. It may be about a person, but released today, it could just be about being with each other or even around each other, when the time is right. Let’s fall in love with live music again.

times is for having a big dance, so turn this album up and have some fun with it.

Listen to the album now and pick up a copy here.

And the only review you will ever need to be honest -- from his dad.