Munich-based producer and DJ, Robin Wang aka Sam Goku has released his debut album East Dimensional Riddims. After putting out a slew of singles and a few EPs, this album distills what we have been hearing from Wang over the past few years in the clearest picture yet.

East Dimensional Riddims is lush, colorful and vivid with beautiful melodies and drums that can be both danceable and quite relaxing. We enter into this world from the outset with “The World We Enter” and its blend of electronics and nature recordings. This gives way to the playful and cheery house record “Wedding Dance.” He often merges various musical traditions into this album, making it brighter and richer.

The LP evolves sonically with the bubbling, glitchy and experimental “”Fusing Bubbles” and serene ambient track “Boarding Lights.”

The album continues to evolve all the way to the end with the longest track on the record, “Far Far Fantastic” with its soft, chugging techno underbelly and warbling, distorted synths playfully dancing on top.

Sam Goku creates a vivid and colorful world that is both danceable and hazy enough to get lost in. It is an outstanding debut record that is showing the ability to merge various sub-genres together with ease.

Pick up your copy of the LP on Bandcamp or other stores and listen below.