UK producer Hugh Pescod has released his new album under his Redlight alias titled Radius. The Bristol producer has released music under aliases like Clipz, Conqueror, Lobster Boy and Kilo, while collaborating with names such Mobb Deep, Raekwon, Ms Dynamite, Flava D and others. The past few years has seen a shift in his music, especially under the Redlight brand, with the launch of his label Dream Vision Future. This has spurred a new run of breaks tracks that have led to his album Radius.

Radius is a callback to the era that helped shape his love for dance music – the 90’s. The atmospheric breaks with fluttering synths, animalistic sounds and distant shouts help make this all feel modern. It is like a fever dream well out into space, getting lost on a probe with tracks like “Cassini” and “Prevail” taking you deeper and farther into the unknown as some of the tranciest of the LP. He does tone things back right in the middle with some UKG drums on “Dome” to switch up the rhythms. “Every” is one of the most stripped back of the bunch, with the focus on the drums, followed up by “Dream Quest” – a headfirst launch into what the label and this project was first about with an earworm of a melody taking control. The final track “Voyage 2” is one final salvo into the beeps and breaks of space.

Redlight expands his music offerings with Radius with a full album of dream, trancey breaks. This is the type of album that is both a callback to the glory days (for some) of the 90’s, while fitting in just right with the current breaks revival. Bring on the summer. Pick up your copy here.