Louisahhh has released her debut LP The Practice of Freedom, via HE.SHE.THEY. Getting her fist break in the early 2010s working with Danny Daze and being a prominent part of Bromance Records, her music has since evolved quite a bit. She started RAAR label with Maelstrom, who also released an outstanding record on Friday.

The Practice Of Freedom is a futuristic exploration of noise, industrial pop, techno with a touch of punk, rebel ethos. That is apparent from the get-go on “Love Is A Punk” with heavy drums and distorted vocals about love as a powerful force. Those drums only get more upbeat with “Like A Shot” as the noise continues to build on the record. By the end of album, the productions get even darker and heavier, most notably with the brutal industrial noise on “Numb, Undone.”

A big theme of this record is sexual freedom and being true to yourself.

“A big mantra has recently been ‘sin is not being true to yourself,’ as I began to live by that, I found myself embracing my own sexuality and need for eroticism as not shameful but vital and sacred, essential to my work as an artist,” explains Louisahhh.

This album brings a new ethos to Louisahhh’s music, going for a harsh exploration of freedom and sexuality. It is dark, industrial and gritty. The full album is available to stream now and can be purchased here.