We have supported the work of Berlin based producer LO in the past, and with good reason. Four years on from the release of his debut album Lights, he delivers Night Owls; ten tracks of lo-fi, electronic goodness. 

Taking on an extended project has allowed LO to dig deeper into his varied soundscapes, and he approaches each new track with a fresh energy. As well as going a little more experimental for bits like "0311PM," there is plenty of beauty to be find in works like "LOST IN A DREAM" and "THE NIGHT" featuring Aaron Pfeiffer. 

In his own words, LO shares: “Night Owls is my second full length album. With the first written song of this body of work dating back to the beginning of 2018, it’s taken quite a long period of time to get to this point. I feel that the album’s quality in terms of songwriting and sound design really benefits from this. Written and worked on strictly after dawn, it shows a darker, more melancholic side of LO.“

Night Owls can be heard here