Kenny Mason has released his sophomore album Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut. He released his debut album last year Angelic Hoodrat and while the title might imply some sort of deluxe edition or expanded cut, this is an entirely new album with a new sound as well.

Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut tackles gun violence, racism, police brutality and societal ills that face black communities across America. There is an anger and sadness that permeates this album that is as prescient as ever with the high-profile killings by police of Duante Wright and Adam Toledo. It is his delivery that makes this album really stand out.

The 25-year old Atlanta rapper is talented at the first thing he does – rapping, but this album is more than that. He blends rock and rap on this record with just the right amount of each together. It isn’t a complete blend, which we have seen in from other artist’s project can be overwhelming, but rather sprinkles rock in with tracks like “Play Ball,” “Partments” or “43.” The guitars help drive home his lyrics with more power.

The project has a sonic and lyrical cohesion with big name features as well. This is a reflection of the come up for the rapper in just one year. Denzel Curry, someone who fits like a glove on this record, works alongside Mason on the rapping barrage “A+.” There are some mellower tracks throughout Supercut, like the jazzy, and slower “Much Money” that was originally released at the end of 2020, with its slow saxophone. Now it adds one of the hottest names in rap now, Freddie Gibbs who glides across this beat as effortlessly as any he comes across.

Kenny Mason is evolving rapidly before our eyes with Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut, growing as a rapper and an artist. This ride will be exciting to watch with each passing project. Pick up the project here and listen below.