Dean Blunt has released the sequel to his 2014 LP BLACK METAL. Titled BLACK METAL 2, the album was announced this week without too many details and moves at a brisk pace with 10 songs in about 23 minutes.

The British singer-songwriter and musician, real name Roy Nnawuchi, delivers music again for a strange and lonely time. The project has contributions from Mica Levi and South London musician Giles Kwakeulati King-Ashong, who engineered, co-produced, and co-mixed the album with Blunt.

Some of the songs are comforting like “DASH SNOW” with its serene guitar, soft drums and vocals that never go much above a soft talking level telling you it will be alright. Most of the songs are only about two minutes, so they never overstay their welcome, but the record doesn’t feel scattershot or like someone with music ADD choosing music at a party.

Though the project mostly has tracks with vocals from Blunt, there are hypnotic instrumentals like “WOOSAH.” “NIL BY MOUTH” has a strong 70’s rock vibe to it as he talks about LSD. The project can feel lonely and isolating, but also rather beautiful in your own bubble. If there is a time to be stuck with some music, this isn’t a bad choice of album. There are moments where you might feel quite happy after all.

BLACK METAL 2 is out now on Rough Trade Records. Pick it up in various forms on Bandcamp and physical versions here and then wherever you stream music.