French bass music producer and DJ, CloZee (AKA Chloe Herry) first rose to international dance music fame after winning second place in Mr. Bill's "Cheyah" remix compilation back in 2013. Hosted by Gravitas Recordings, label founder, Jesse Brede was thoroughly impressed by her production skills. Brede and Gravitas then took an active role in CloZee's career and the rest is history. CloZee then went on to put out multiple music releases with the renowned indie electronic emblem, most notably ​Revolution,​ Harmony,​ and ​Evasion​. Today CloZee is recognized worldwide for her own unique flavor of global bass music.  

Now embarking on her own imprint Odyzey Records, CloZee returns to her Gravitas roots to help gather the next generation of new artists for her first compilation, Emergence. The album promotes both rising and established bass music artists through a collection of fifteen eclectic tracks, handpicked by Herry herself. Emergence​ features tracks ranging from more established bass music artists such as Bay Area pioneer An-Ten-Nae to emerging producers NotLö and capshun.

Highly eclectic in nature, the album features a wide variety of unique bass music contributions. It carries a hopeful and peaceful vibe that powerfully resembles CloZee's soul nourishing music. From the first single featured on the album, "Galactic Ambassador" listeners are catapulted into a musical journey. Emergence fuses a myriad of sounds and genres ranging from temple step to glitchier type of material. 

Highlights of the album include Ahee, Morillo and Evan Fraser's funky exotic bass music single "Jungle Groove" and Habitaat's feel good lo-fi "Down For It." A deeply enthralling, powerful, and cinematic listen, Emergence has something to offer all global music lovers. A collection of the best sounds the genre currently has to offer, Emergence will leave you reminiscing about late night dance parties on the playa. Pick up your copy of the compilation here.