Manchester-based producer Andy Stott has released his new album Never The Right Time. Completing a 10-year cycle of music that began with his beloved and critically acclaimed Passed Me By and since released Luxury Problems, Faith In Strangers, Too Many Voices and It Should Be Us, Never The Right Time, delivers another great album for the English producer.

Never The Right Time features heavily Stott's former piano teacher Alison Skidmore for some of the more atmospheric records as her voice floats along with his production. Their chemistry working together has been well chronicled in the past so having her on five tracks helps give the LP more depth. Her voice glides effortlessly with the smooth, dark and hazy breaks on the LP title track “Never the right time.”

The instrumentals all offer their own unique world to fall into as well. “Repetitive strain” comes together with a floating flute over dancehall drums, which is the only time we hear a rhythm like that on this record, while “When it hits” is very visual with big echoing pianos that you can almost see being hit in front of you. “Answers” is the grittiest of the bunch with broken rhythms. “Dove stone” is a cold, haunting and distant ambient track that helps to close out the LP.

Andy Stott had most of an album completed in the beginning of 2020, but then the year sent him in a very different direction, which led to what we have today with Never The Right Time. Now this cycle of music is done and we look forward to what comes next. Listen to the LP now below and get your copy here.