AceMo & MoMA Ready have released their second album together under the guise of AceMoMA. Less pretentious than most of the folks who pretend to know what is going on at the MOMA, the pair delivers another quality project with their new record A Future.

It opens with a groovy house number “The Next Level” with some funky acid and echoing drums to take it back to Detroit. Things then get a little hectic on “Forest Bounce,” which helps set the tempo for a portion of the record. The energy remains that way for a few more tracks, before we get a respite in the middle of A Future.

“Group Meditation” doesn’t let the drums disappear entirely, but tones them down for a little moment of calm. A playful, fluttering synth line dances over the top of snare rolls and drums on the elegant “Mycelium Dance.”

While this LP isn’t an obvious call to Jeff Mills or Drexciya, the theme of space and Afrofuturism are woven into A Future with tracks like “Finding Polaris, “Titan,” Time Woven Space” and the very spacey “Formation Of A Sun.”

“A Future. possible, Imminent, inevitable. the return of the real,” they explain in the description of the album.

Listen to the full album now on Bandcamp and pick up your copy of it there.