Born in Ivory Coast, Aicha Dosso grew up in Paris, studying English at La Sorbonne University. She then moved to New York and studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Film Institute. The bilingual and multi talented artist just released her latest single, “J’en ai marre.” The release is a direct continuation of her previous work, “Bien,” a song that incorporated sensual and elegant vibes all at once. 

“J’en ai marre” is in total synchronicity with her debut release, providing consistent poetic and soothing energy arising from her subtle mixture between NYC-inspired timbre and Parisian Cabaret. The song title means ‘I’ve had enough,’ as she openly explores the various dislikes she feels towards today’s society, including violent behaviors, people incapable of love, and those who use others for their individual gain. 

With “Bien” and “J’en ai marre,” Aicha Dosso performs magically, a talent that will expeditiously conquer new fans’ hearts. Besides these releases, she announced that she is working on an album; we have to wait for more blissful music. For now, enjoy “J’en ai marre,” and let’s see where the artist takes us next.