Fortnite has added Ahsoka Tano to the game offering players the ability to wield her Force powers, white lightsaber, and staff as a pickaxe.

Ahsoka will be found as a hologram at random locations on the game’s map. When talking to her, players are able to accept her training and will disappear into a rift. After a few seconds, the player will exit the rift with her white lightsaber and Force powers.

These powers are increased sprint speed, a double jump, and pushing objects and players away, designed to give the player an edge over their opponents.

Previously, Fortnite brought Anakin, Darth Maul, and Obi-Wan Kenobi into the game with increased sprint speed, double jump and their own abilities as well as DC-15 blasters looted from treasure chests.

Ahsoka Tano’s loading screen in ‘Fortnite’ Credit: Epic Games

From the sounds of it, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Force Push ability is the same or very similar to Ahsoka’s. The powers last until the end of the match and cannot be picked up by other players like weapons and items when eliminated.

Moreover, the Ahsoka Tano Outfit is unlockable through the Battle Pass as long as the player completes character quests in Chapter 4 Season 4.

The quests offer a banner icon, an Ahsoka spray, an emoticon, her staff as a pickaxe, a wrap, an emote and back bling with Morai – her convor ally who first appeared in Star Wars Rebels.

Earlier this month, Epic Games’ chief creative officer Donald Mustard departed the developer after seven years as the director of Fortnite’s universe and lore.

“I can’t wait to now share in the future of Fortnite as a player alongside all of you! The teams are in the best hands and they are working on huge, jaw dropping, amazing things!” he said.

In other gaming news, Bethesda patched out the puddle in Starfield that let its players loot an entire store over and over again to rake in an enormous profit.

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